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It’s Been a Year…

It’s been almost a year since my last post on here. That post was about how I had been away for several months and wanted to get back into the swing of things…we can all see how well that worked out. *sigh* Life is sometimes completely unexpected and as much as we try to plan, those plans often get derailed, whether we want them to or not. Basically my language studies got put on the backburner with everything happening in my life. This is not to say that ALL language learning was put off as languages are part of my daily life but it was pretty much all passive learning these past few months. If we are being honest this pretty much only applied to Korean as I barely touched any other language. With the amount of media I consume in Korean I have picked up several new things, primarily vocabulary. This continues my never ending issue with knowing too many random vocabulary words but rarely being able to use them because my grammar is still so lacking due to my lack of active learning recently. I’ve been slowly changing that these past few weeks and I recently signed up for a Free Online Korean course on Future Learn though I went with the 2nd part of the course as I am already fairly familiar with the basics. So far I’m only on the first week’s lessons but it is mostly stuff I already know but I can always use the practice on. I’m hoping to get a better grasp on some of the beginning grammar so that I can finally move further in my studies.

In other recent language news I am also trying to revamp my French. I have let go of it for far too long and I am really regretting how terrible my grammar and ability to speak has gotten. I purchased a new resource I am hoping will help me review everything I have forgotten or am rusty on. I also have decided to start a new language…because obviously I am doing GREAT at maintaining my other ones… 🙂  I think I had talked about it in a previous blog post but I will finally be starting *drumroll please* Norwegian! I’ve been interested in the language and the country of Norway for a while now and it is a language that is pretty different from all the other languages I have studied. (Look forward to an upcoming post about how terrified I am right now HA!) I’m getting together a few resources and will formally be starting next week. The last bit of news is that I have been dabbling in some Mandarin. No I’m not going to be formally studying it yet but I’ve picked up a couple thing this past year and am slowly learning. This is pretty much just to familiarize myself with the language. I’ve always wanted to study it but the tones always scared me, they still do but I figure if I give myself the permission to just dabble and take it REALLY slow that I may get over that fear. I don’t know if that makes any sense to anyone else but we will go with it!

I am really going to strive to post more regularly on here, at least once a week. I think my next post will be about my goals for June regarding Korean, Norwegian and French. Have you ever been terrified to start a language or scared of the language itself? Let me know so I don’t feel all alone! 🙂

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My Language Goals: June

It’s a brand new month which means brand new beginnings! This year I want to start keeping track of my language goals, what I set out to do and what I am actually accomplishing. I figured what better way than by joining in on Clear The List which is hosted by Kris BroholmAngel PretotShannon of Eurolinguiste, and Lindsay Does Languages! This is where I’ll be discussing what I want to accomplish in a given month and then looking back to see how much of it I actually got done.

Hey everyone! Okay, so I know I disappeared for several months but SO much happened in that time. Between an immense level of stress at work and some personal things that I won’t bore you with, I was simply overwhelmed by it all. I know it happens to all of us and so I am not going to beat myself up for not posting in awhile. On the bright side, even though I was not posting, I was still studying when ever I got the chance, although I have made a few alterations to my initial plans at the start of the year. After January I quickly realized that I was taking on too much given the other things going on in my life at the time.

I’ve decided for the time being until things ease up a bit more that I am going to focus primarily on my one true love: Korean. Some days I have more time to study and others I only have 20 minutes but one thing I do know is that I always want to spend it studying Korean, one way or another. I mentioned to my boyfriend the other day that Korean was the language of my heart…and he laughed…but I was 100% serious. Having studied several languages in my life, I feel connected to them all in some way and obviously I love them but there is this undeniable pull to Korean that I felt the moment I heard it 10 or so years ago. If I were to sum it up…Korean is my language soulmate. That is incredibly cheesy isn’t it???! Am I the only one that feels this way or are others so attached to a particular language?

That being said…Korean is HARD. Studying Korean on my own is HARD. Not having anyone to share this journey with is HARD. I’m still at such a beginner level and the knowledge I do have is all over the place sometimes. Like the fact that I can name a plethora of animals but have difficulty recalling how to say bathroom! I guess “Where is the zebra” will have to do in that situation…I sometimes feel so stagnant in my language growth even though when I step back I can see that even in these past few months I have picked up a lot more than I knew before. Whether it be understanding a line in a song or a text that my friend sends me, I get super giddy just knowing that at one point I didn’t know those words at all. I don’t want to dwell on the negative or how slow the process seems to be going, rather I want to celebrate all those small victories.

Goals for June


  • This is the one goal I never have an issue with because I tend to always have a show, a youtube video, or music playing. But I am hoping to include more Glossika and KoreanClass101 and Talk to me in Korean podcasts.


  • One thing I am doing to improve the speed of my reading is listening to some Korean songs with the lyrics on Youtube and trying to read along. This also has been helping my pronunciation which is always a bonus.
  • I will also be using some written dialogues as well as a very short children’s book I will be working my way through.


  • I started a small daily journal where I write down 3 or 4 sentences, no matter how small or simple they are. I hope to make it a set routine.
  • I’ve been going through the first 50 Glossika sentences and doing dictations with them. I’ve been taking about 10 sentences at a time, I listen to the sentence and write it down without looking at the written version and then correct myself after and note the mistakes I’m making and then repeat the process until I spell all the 10 sentences correctly before moving on. I’m finding this is a great way for me personally to utilize Glossika.
  • Another goal is to write more in Korean to my friends, I’ll interject words or small phrases into our conversations but I want to start sending more complete sentences.


  • This one is the hardest for me to keep up with since I don’t get as many opportunities to speak to other speakers. I do have to admit that I speak to myself a lot of in Korean, especially when practicing pronunciation. My main goal is to find more situations where I can speak Korean. A new Korean restaurant opened near by and I managed to say a few phrases to the owner, so I hope I can go back and speak some more even if it just small phrases.


Okay, that is all of the upcoming month! I will sprinkle in more study materials in between such as Memrise and a couple textbook lessons but I want to make sure to keep in open for whatever calls to me during the month. I hope you all have a successful month of language learning ahead!