Medical Spanish Memrise

As I mentioned before, I am currently reviewing medical terms in Spanish to prepare for a class I will take later on this year towards my medical interpreting certification. I was going through the textbook and figured that I would create a Memrise course for myself with the few words I wasn’t very familiar with, but then I decided to just go ahead and include all the vocab from the first chapter. The majority of the vocabulary pertains to body parts and other items you might find in a doctor’s office or hospital. I tried to include la/el before every word so that any non-native speakers who might come across it won’t have to guess the gender of the word. There are currently 88 words in the course and so I figured I would put a link to it here in case anyone wanted to pick up a couple new Spanish words. Depending on your level, you might already be familiar with all of these but hey, even I didn’t know 3 of them. 🙂 I’ve never created a deck like this before so if you take a look at it and notice anything that might make it more accessible please let me know. ^^

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