Medical Interpreting


I think I mentioned this in a prior post but one of my language goals for 2017 is to start working towards my Medical Interpreting Certification. As of right now the only languages I am proficient/fluent in are English and Spanish so those are the ones I will be focusing on. I actually have a fairly decent knowledge of medical terminology in both languages due to years of having to translate for my family but there is still a lot I’m not comfortable with, especially in Spanish. I ended up picking this book off of Amazon earlier this month and am hoping to work through it before I start classes sometime next year.

I’m actually a little disappointed to be honest  because I didn’t realize until after purchasing this book that it is mainly targeted at non-native speakers of the language. Just from my initial flip through, I noticed that there are a lot of sections dedicated to basic greetings and phrases one might use as a medical professional. This is great of course for someone new to Spanish, but I was hoping for something a little more focused on just the terminology. I’m still going to work through this and soak up all that I can but I will be looking for another book to add to the rotation that is more geared towards native speakers.

I still haven’t decided how much time I will be allocating to this per week but am leaning towards at least once or twice a week. Because I am familiar with a big portion of the material, I’ll be able to cut back on some of the study time, which I can then apply to one of my other languages. Or at least this is what I am hoping will happen, but then again my other goal involves learning how to better manage my time…

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