A Very Unproductive Study Week

I’m working on several goals and study plans that I want to kick into gear this upcoming year, but I was hoping to get a good bit done before then as well because why wait? This hasn’t really gone as planned unfortunately. I am currently in the process of moving and I have spent the majority of my time outside work, packing and sorting out utilities and paper work. When I’ve been able to catch a small break I’ve been too tired to properly study. I have gotten in small bits here and there:


  • Watched about 3 episodes of 맘마미아 (Mamma Mia) which I have been loving.
  • Finished  lesson 5 in Module 1 of the Yonsei University online course
  • Reviewed the 5 lessons in Module 1
  • Several minutes of vocabulary review


  • Did 10 Duolingo skill modules

Yup, that’s all I have been able to do this week. I’ve been trying to squeeze in bits of studying in any way I can. This week that has meant watching an episode of 맘마미아 before bed when I am too tired to look at a book, taking my flashcards with me to work and reviewing them if I get a break, and doing quick Duolingo lessons on the go while in the car (not driving of course!). I am proud of myself for not letting this hectic week become an excuse for not studying at all but am hoping by next week I will be more settled down and can make up for time lost. I’ll be posting my study goals for the new year sometime later this month.

I’m off to pack some more!

One thought on “A Very Unproductive Study Week

  1. I started watching Korean dramas four years ago. It was by accident, but I became hooked. It became a bad habit, quickly. I actually had to force myself to watch TV in Spanish because I watched so much TV in Korean.

    If I had to learn another language it would be Korean. I can actually hear the gaps and spaces in between the words and have picked up many terms by osmosis. I just can’t think of a way I would use it though. That is what has stopped me.


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